January 11, 2020

Factors that Influence the Cost of Dental Implants

Many adults lose one or several of their permanent teeth at some point during their lifetime. Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem, as […]
January 11, 2020

The People that General Dentists Say Make the Right Candidates for Dental Implants

It is not uncommon for general dentists to recommend dental implants over dentures, as dental implants are a more reliable, effective and all-around better tooth replacement option. However, […]
January 9, 2020

Cavities and Tooth Decay Treatment in Manhattan Beach CA

Cavity 101: What is a Cavity? Tooth decay is the softening of your tooth enamel and refers to the damage of the structure of the tooth […]
January 9, 2020

Dental Implants Manhattan Beach CA

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, dental implants can restore your mouth to a natural, healthy state. A dental implant mimics the tooth-root structure to […]
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